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  • LG

    LG CJ45 XBOOM 720W Hi-Fi Entertainment System

    ₦105,000  - ₦2,100


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    Product Details
    • AUD CJ 45 720 Watts Total Output Power
    • Auto DJ & Karaoke Functionality
    • Multi-Bluetooth Connectivity
    • LED Speaker Lighting
    • CD Player



    This product clearly and perfectly depicts the musician’s vision for his song. This 720 watts Xboom sound speaker is the best. It delivers very strong and impactful beats that make your video and audio immersion very easy. All you have to do is sit down and relax on your sofa and let this CJ 45 booming sound machine do its job.

    Need a party, this is the perfect tool for it to become a blast as with the wireless party link (with the Bluetooth, it enables the home theater to connect to another CJ 45 home theater delivering an even more thunderous and powerful sound quality, doubling the lighting and party mood) your party couldn’t be boring. The sound alone is enough to light up everyone’s moods. Want your party to be a blast pick this booming sound speaker.


    With the Auto DJ feature, get unlimited and infinite entertainment. Enjoy entertainment that just doesn’t go off. With the Auto DJ feature, songs are perfectly mixed (from your playlist) such that once a song is finished, another begins immediately not interrupting the party mode.


    The karaoke star function makes this product even more awesome. What this feature is all about is that it removes the vocals of a song, leaving the background music then all you have to do is wear that cool shade glass that you have and sing the lyrics displayed on your TV monitor and boom, you’re the next superstar! Boost up your performance with the numerous vocal effects and led lighting that it has. All these just makes your performance more perfect.

    NOTE: All these are good, yes they’re good but when you are a fan of the LG brand, all these don’t look special again. LG is one brand that I know that delivers always. For decades they have been and they won’t stop anytime soon so this is the best brand for you. Don’t forget the best electronics store that delivers the best prices and fastest deliveries. Just relax and rest your mind as you will surely get the best consumer service possible with original cheap and durable products.


    Just relax and sip your drink and let this CJ 45 home theater serve you. It’s got the Bluetooth standby feature which immediately becomes active and helpful when you activate it. Just stay where you are and stream or send your audio to this awesome home theater.

    The Bluetooth feature allows for multi connectivity which means that two or three devices can be connected to this home theater saving you the trouble of disconnecting and reconnecting and the songs keep playing all day with the Auto DJ feature.

    Enjoy your songs, movies in the best audio or video format as you can send them through any of the two USB that it has. Not only can you send audio to this incredible home theater you can also record the content that’s playing with the help of the USB direct recording feature.

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