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  • LG

    LG 42 Liters Microwave with Smart Inverter | MWO 8265 CIS

    ₦93,000  - ₦1,860


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    Product Details
    • 42 Liters
    • Inverter
    • LED Lamp
    • Touch Control
    • Stable Turntable
    • Anti Bacterial
    • Stainless Silver
    • Grill


    It has 42 liters which is the best news you have ever asked for. See, LG makes the best products so I don’t think you should overlook this one. LG not only makes their products to be beautiful (let it not be like say, it is beautiful but doesn’t have sense) but also capable. All LG products are cheap, affordable and easy to use and they last for as long as you say a, ten billion times. See the thing about this refrigerator is that it is capable of storing up to 42 liters and do you know what this means, this means that you can now store large pots that you couldn’t store with an ordinary microwave oven. And also this makes it more convenience, let me just add that. And its door type is side swing not the conventional grab and pull which can cause some unwanted things that you don’t want to happen.

    The stable ring turntable prevents food from falling off and so not only does it allow for larger storage but it also means that your food is now safe. Just imagine, you had cooked soup and it was already defrosted and warm and then the turntable tipped off and the soup fell, what? I’m sure you would curse the father of that microwave so don’t make a mistake and buy a microwave with a turntable that is easy to spoil, buy this microwave now with the best and most stable turntable.


    It has a LED lamp and the reason the lamp is much better than the other lamps that other microwave ovens use is because it shines brighter, (estimated to shine three times brighter than the normal lamps) and again, it lasts longer and just know it doesn’t spoil at all so you are safe and secure with this microwave oven.

    The touch control makes this microwave oven very easy to control as the functions are properly mapped out on the microwave oven making it possible to become a master in controlling it in just a day!

    The smart inverter makes this microwave more awesome because not only does it provide a faster and better cooking process, it makes cooking more efficient as you now get an even cooking process that reaches all the areas of your food and this makes it much tastier and it is even estimated to cook better than some stoves. The smart inverter has ten years warranty and provides more power so that reheating and defrosting is done smartly and in a very little amount of time. And you also have the chance to cook various dishes that normally other microwave ovens can’t prepare. It cooks, grills, fries and prepares food to be very yummy for your taste so ignore this microwave oven if you love eating tasteless and dry foods. It also removes fat from your food for up to 72% and the roasting removes 72g fat and all these are just for you!


    It uses stainless silver that does not rust and its coating is very easy to clean and it’s anti bacterial in the sense it removes bacteria for up to 99.9% and also minimizes the bad odor in the microwave oven leaving your food to be evenly and speedily cooked in the healthiest condition possible.

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